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5 Steps To Transform The Health Of Your Hair

Transform the health of your hair ~ My family and friends always told me how they experienced extreme hair loss after their pregnancies.  I didn’t think much of it until I also experienced extreme hair loss after my son was born. After handfuls of hair coming out during each shower (yup I know…it’s gross), I knew I had to find ways to transform the health of my hair and bring it back to life. Here are my 5 tricks to transform the health of your hair:

1.Get into a cold shower!


Have you ever heard of taking cold showers but never knew why? Taking warm showers opens your hair cuticles to allow shampoo and conditioners do their job. However, you want to rinse your hair with cold water to seal the cuticles and lock in the moisture from the conditioner. Leaving your hair looking shiny and healthy. After your regular shower routine and right before you step out of the shower, flip your head down and rinse your hair with cold water.  Be prepared to see a difference in the shine of your hair!

2.It’s time for an oil change…but for your hair


Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and castor oil…which one do you use? All of them! It’s no surprise that you should regularly treat your hair with natural oils to add moisture, shine and softness to your hair. My rule is – use the oil that’s your favourite. I use a mixture of coconut oil (40%), castor oil (40%) and a little bit of avocado oil (20%). I buy organic oils from Wholefoods or you can get them at any one of your favourite health food stores. I buy a little squeeze container from the dollar store and make a concoction of the mixture and leave it in my bathroom cabinet.


If I’m washing my hair in the morning, I will work some of the oil mixture into the roots and ends of my hair first thing I wake up while I prepare for my shower or while I clean the house (on weekends). If I shower at night I add oil to my hair as soon as I get home while I work on dinner or other items. If you have your mixture conveniently available, this should literally takes 3 minutes to do. So no excuses! If you want to go the extra mile, you can heat up a towel and wrap it around your hair after applying the oil to give your hair that spa treatment. Dig out those oils girls!

3.Don’t let your hair air dry – blow dry it instead


Contrary to belief, blow-drying your hair is better than letting your hair air dry. When hair comes into contact with water it swells and if you let it air dry, the swelling continues and puts pressure on the proteins inside the hair which causes breakage. When you blow dry the hair you are blowing water away before it starts to swell the hair. This only works if you blow-dry on cool setting as hot air burns the hair. You want to blow-dry your hair 6 inches away from your head moving the blow-dryer constantly. Not only is this healthier for you hair but now you’ll your hair will look better styled.

4.Wear it down goldilocks


This one is so hard for me because nothing makes me happier than tying up my hair into an elastic band and getting on with my busy day. Who has time to do their hair, right?


Pulling your hair into a tight ponytail regularly can be really harmful because your hair is being tugged on and stretched back which causes breakage. Your hair also needs time to breathe and letting fresh air flow through your hair is like taking your hair for an afternoon walk.

5.Change your shampoo


Recently I’ve been really changing the products I use and food I eat to all natural foods free from chemicals, GMO and all the other bad stuff. I started using the Andalou Naturals Lavender & Biotin Full Volume shampoo and conditioner. Try switching to an all-natural product and see how your hair reacts to the change. What I know for sure is that natural ingredients are a lot safer than chemically filled products so this may be the change your hair has been looking for. I definitely feel that this change has really helped the strength and growth of my hair.

Final thoughts


 There are so many more great hair tricks I haven’t mentioned such as getting a hair trim regularly, sleeping with your hair braided and not open, having a multi-vitamin daily, etc. But maybe I’ll cover them in a future post. I implemented all these tricks into my hair routine in the last couple months and have noticed a great improvement in my hair. I’ve never been able to keep my hair healthy for this long without dry and split ends sneaking their way back. Transform the health of your hair ladies. It’s a long-term plan but it works and we are worth that investment. Check out how we can style your hair for your special event here. Leave me a comment on your thoughts 🙂