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How To Avoid Booking Disasters!

Avoid makeovers nightmares!

Have you ever booked a makeup artist for a special occasion anticipating the day you get dolled up and look like the best girl at the party? To look like a million bucks?


Only to leave in complete devastation and disappointment on how you look?


What if I told you that makeup appointment disasters can be partially YOUR FAULT? Not exactly but humour me for a moment!


Being in the makeup and hair industry for many years has taught me a thing or two about which customers get exactly what they desired and which customers leave disappointed.


NOW before you get upset at me and think “how in the world is not getting the look I want my fault? It’s the makeup artist who is the professional and should know exactly what to do!” I want you to understand this blog post is completely meant to help you by providing you my top 5 tips to get the look you want every time. It is not meant to point fingers, blame anyone or upset anyone 🙂 It’s just a fun post on the lovely world of makeovers. Let’s dive into it:


These tips don’t mean bad makeovers have always been your fault or that your makeup artist has never been at fault in the past. Instead they are meant to shed some light on areas where you can help ensure a perfect makeover for yourself.


1. Send pictures to your makeup artist in advance


I have clients tell me all the time to do whatever I want for their makeup and hair because they trust me. That is super flattering and sometimes that works. However, this can be a BIG mistake if your makeup artist has one vision for you and you have another vision in mind. I know we are the professionals but it is impossible to read minds or know exactly what look you would love.


It’s very similar to going into a restaurant that you’ve heard great things about and telling the chef to choose your meal for you. The chef has no idea what your preference and taste buds are. A picture will give your makeup artist a starting point and will let them know how dramatic or soft you would like your makeup. Sometimes what is dramatic to you is actually really simple to your makeup artist. So get those pictures out girls!


2. Select the right pictures


More often than not I have my sweet clients send me pictures of looks they would like me to recreate on them but the model in the picture has nowhere near the same features they have. For example, the model has blue eyes but they have brown eyes, the model has tanned skin and they have very fair skin, the model has large eyes and they have large hooded eyes, and so on. The problem is that the makeup in the picture may be very beautiful but it will not look the same on them because of their unique and different facial features.


My suggestion: think of an actress that family/friends have always told you you look like and starting browsing through their pictures on the internet until you find one that you like. Or look through instragram/facebook pictures for lots of makeup inspiration paying close attention to finding someone who has similar features as you. You can also google the type of makeup you want. For example, “dramatic makeup for fair skin” and start browsing the image tab. Remember you aren’t looking for a perfect match but just a few similarities. There are no rules to makeup so feel free to choose any inspirational picture you want. However, if you’ve been disappointed with your past makeovers then try this technique. I promise it works!


3. Understand the pictures you have selected


Let’s say you have your inspiration picture selected and the model resembles you somewhat. The next step is to understand the picture. First you want to understand that the picture you’re looking at has been most likely photoshopped if there skin looks perfect. Sometimes the features may have also been altered which plays a big role in how nice the makeup looks. So, if you have any pimples or scars then understand that the makeup can hide the discoloration but the texture of your skin (the bumpiness) will still show through.


Second for more dramatic makeup looks you will have to accept that in person you WILL be able to tell that you are wearing a lot or a good amount of makeup. In order for the camera to pick up on the makeup colors (especially the dramatic Instagram pictures), you have to wear a good amount of makeup. Pictures generally show you wearing 30% less makeup then in person. SO if the makeup in your picture is dramatic then she is wearing a lot of makeup.


Lastly, pay attention to the details of the makeup such as the liner (do you want it as thick, thin, stretched), glitter (this looks more dramatic in person than in the picture) and contour and highlighting (if the makeup look is heavily contingent on the highlight/contouring then without it the makeup won’t look the same).


4. Understanding your face/preference


If you don’t know anything about makeup then this part may be hard for you. However, jot down what you absolutely don’t want done to your face because you know from experience that it doesn’t look good on you. For example, if black liner inside your waterline looks too dramatic on you then ask for a nude or brown liner. If a winged liner doesn’t suit your taste then ask for a thin basic liner with no wing. This will come with experience if you do your own makeup or have gotten it done in the past. But the more you know about what you don’t like done, the better idea your makeup artist will have on what to do for you.


5. Ask your makeup artists if they know how to create the look you want


This is particularly important if you want a specific, dramatic or complicated look. It is perfectly fine to send your inspiration pictures to your makeup artist and ask them if they know how to create the look. Especially if you don’t see any similar look in their portfolio. This will allow the makeup artist to be honest with you in advance just in case they aren’t comfortable with creating the look and therefore giving you time to look for another artist.




Now that wasn’t too bad right? Next time you book special makeovers, please refer to this blog and go step by step on these tips to ensure you get the perfect look! Contact me for any of your bridal service needs 🙂


QUESTION: If you’ve ever experienced a bad makeover or makeovers and even 1 of these tips have helped you then leave a comment down below!