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Mehndi Side Braid Tutorial | Step by Step

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love braids? They are so intricate and romantic looking. It’s one of those updo looks that will suit any face shape since it’s soft and romantic yet structured and elegant. Now there are so many different approaches to the mehndi side braid. I’ll be sharing the most popular look for this video and if you’d like I can create other versions in a future video. Let me know down below if you’d like that. Now let’s get into it!


  • Mannequin – 100% human hair
  • Hair donut – largest in the world!
  • Bobby pins – Diane (linked) or Salon Care
  • Hairspray – Schwarzkopf #3 or Tresemme #3 (linked)
  • Jewelry – Free Rani –





1. Take a small amount of hair at the crown, hold the hair so it’s parallel to the top of the ear, twist it gently and bobby pin into place.


2. Start to pinch and pull on the crown to create ridges which are approximately 1/2 inch apart. Use your hairspray to set into place.


Back of the head:


3. Cut a small piece of @masudaface hair donut padding and bobby pin it to the back of the head just below the crown. Adjust the padding size to your liking ensuring you have enough hair to cover it.


4. Starting from the side of the head that will not be braided, twist 1 inch thick sections of hair but splitting it into 2 and intertwining the pieces together. Place each twisted hair over the hair donut padding and bobby pin into place. Continue to do this until all of the hair donut is covered




5. Grab 1 inch pieces of hair and slide it to the back of the head creating a U-shape. Bobby pin each piece into the hair donut padding at the back of the head. Continue until all of the bangs are pinned.




6. With the remaining hair, start to create a fishtail braid. Simply split the hair into 2 sections (right and left section). Take a 1/2 inch section from the far left side and add it into the middle right side. Then take a 1/2 inch section from the far right side and add it into the middle left side. Repeat until the whole braid is complete.


7. Start to spread the braid open to add volume by pulling on each 1/2 inch braided section from the top of the braid and from the sides until you are happy. Secure the braid with an elastic band.

Did you try the Mehndi side braid?


Let me know how it went! Comment below and share a picture on instagram with the hashtag #masudaface


Masuda <3