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High Ponytail Tutorial I Step by Step

Creating a voluminous high ponytail has never been so easy until now! It’s literally just a few easy steps to achieve this beautiful bridal hairstyle. If you are looking to add hair extensions to this look you can simply add it to each ponytail by wrapping the hair extension around the elastic band and bobby pinning it for extra security. Step by step products, instructions and video is below. Enjoy!


  • Mannequin – 100% human hair
  • Hair donut – largest in the world!
  • Bobby pins – Diane (linked) or Salon Care
  • Hairspray – Schwarzkopf #3 or Tresemme #3 (linked)
  • Jewelry – Free Rani –






1. Section away the bangs (vertically from ear to ear)


2. Split the hair from the back in half and create two separate ponytails. The top ponytail should sit as high as possible right before the top of the head or diagonal to the ear. The second ponytail should sit just below the middle of the ear height.


3. Now create your third ponytail using the remaining hair in the bangs.


Teasing and padding:


4.  Now get to teasing, teasing, teasing! Tease all the hair from each ponytail by taking small (1 inch thick) pieces of hair from each ponytail and teasing approximately 1/4 way high.


5. Bring down each teased piece one at a time, hairspray the tease, spread the tease and comb it down slightly to tame the frizz while holding your hand under the tease to not loose the volume.


6. As you bring down each teased piece from the second ponytail, add a small piece of @masudaface hair padding to the middle of that section to prevent the volume from falling.  You can also add padding to the middle of the top and bottom ponytail. The amount you add will vary depending on how much volume you’d like to create as well as how much hair you have to cover the padding.


Elastic band:


7. Lastly, you’ll need to cover the elastic band. The only elastic band that will need covering is the top ponytail. Simply take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the top ponytail to cover the elastic band. Bobby pin into place.


Did you try this hairstyle?


Let me know how it went! Comment below and share a picture on instagram with the hashtag #masudaface


Masuda <3