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Wavy Half Up Hair Tutorial I Step by Step

Wavy half up hairstyles are so beautiful for summer brides. Paired with a headband, this hairstyle can look good on any face shape. Just adjust where the hair sits (i.e. all to the front, to the side or all to the back). While the tutorial below demonstrates the steps to achieving a boho wavy half up, it also goes in depth about how to create the perfect crown (pouf) with customized hair padding. Leave a comment below if you learned something new. Enjoy!







1. Section away the bangs (vertically from ear to ear)


2. Attach the headband (optional)




3.  Tease the top 2 – 3 rows of hair in the crown or 1/2 of the crown, leaving out the bangs.


4. Cut a piece of your @masudaface hair donut padding to add underneath the teased crown. Customize the size of the padding to your liking. Bobby pin into place.


5. Bring down the teased hair over the hair padding and brush through with a boar brush. Hairspray into place.


6. Grab the hair in the crown in one hand and twist the hair slightly to create a pouf. Then bobby pin into place.




7. First decide where you want the hair to sit (i.e. all to the front, to the side or all to the back). Then start curling the hair away from the face starting from the bottom. Tug on each curled piece of hair to loosen it up and slightly comb over the curl to spread it out into a wave.

Did you try this hairstyle? Let me know how it went! Comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #masudaface.